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Let’s Talk Black Money, Diversity, Equity & Generational Wealth.

Money Dreams & Wealth Realities + A Black Kansas City MONEY TALK

Let’s get ready for some real talk. I’m giving my trigger warning, right now…and upfront.

If you are sick and tired… of, Banking Deserts and Discrimination in our neighborhoods, Payday Loan Sharks and Redlining, A Lack of Financial & Entrepreneurship Literacy in Our Schools, or Systemic Racism Blocking Community Development and, The Poor Situation it creates, and The High US Dollar Conversion Rates have forced you to look into Offshoring & The Expat Lifestyle…

…this is the right place for you.
Cause we are getting into all of that!

I’m Kareem Jackson, your host, and as the Founder & CEO of KA&CO International, I help woke entrepreneurs minimize their cluttered lifestyles, make more money, and more profits, achieve their freedom, and live the lifestyles they deserve…

…and I’ve got a very inspiring brother here with me…

Mr. Insurance, and host of Elevating Men, A.L. Johnson is here!

Black Money, Black Privilege, and Black Wealth is a real things.

However! When you’re not fully free…it’s hard to get your hands on MONEY, it’s impossible to feel privileged in any way, and building wealth –is nothing but a dream! But I know, you don’t believe me.

Many of you think I am unique or lucky. You think that A.L. must have a superpower, or he is just Mega Driven; so how can achieving any of this be possible for you?

So we have got reinforcements!

Brother Ajamu Webster and Sister Gwendolyn Washington…they’re here too! Dropping real gems, giving real insights, and we have a special announcement for Kansas City’s Eastside too!

So join us…

Hosted by: Kareem Jackson and A.L. Johnson with Ajamu Webster, Founder, and Gwendolyn Washington, CEO WeDevelopment Federal Credit Union 7 PM TUESDAY Night OCT 18th USA (CST) 8 AM WEDNESDAY Morning, OCT 19th Philippines (PST)

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