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KC Star Apologized For Their Racist Past, Now Here Is What’s Next.(Pres. Mike Fannin Full Interview)

Hello Black KC Fam! Here is a throwback episode…

What an awesome show! Here is the live recorded show. We got into some AMAZING ISSUES…

it’s the BEST HOUR in MEDIA right now. Real issues, real apologies, real changes, and REAL SOLUTIONS! Not like all those other guys talk about. Mike Fannin and The Kansas City Star are serious about change.


   • KC Star Apologized For Their Racist P…  

“…we propose doing something huge, undeniable, something which will directly impact the livelihoods of Black Kansas City, and harness the power of The KC Star for the betterment of black-owned Kansas City businesses. A New Section; not just social and editorial content, but a true-economic investment.”

–Kareem Jackson

(Mike Fannin Full Interview): https://blackkansascitymag.com/kc-sta...

“…it disenfranchised, ignored and scorned generations of Black Kansascitians.”

-KC STAR Mike Fannin, President, and Editor wrote in a six-part series.

Watch the FULL SHOW so you don’t miss…

46:54 “We feel vindicated. The blessing of your racism and the double-edged sword.” -Kareem Jackson

48:00 What has the KC Star done, to begin righting the wrong of the racist past?

49:35 J.M. Banks and new KC Star Editorial

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