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[PRESS RELEASE] The Kansas City Star Apologizes For Its Racist Past; But Is That Enough? AND…WE’RE BACK!

Official Launch Date: 25th November 2021, Thanksgiving DayBlack Kansas City Magazine, formerly Minority Success Magazine will be relaunched on Thanksgiving Day; 25th November 2021. The magazine will be available In-Print, Online, and in Digital Formats, giving global exposure to over 750 black-owned Kansas City-based businesses, and allies.Black is trending and Black Kansas City Magazine is aimed at helping showcase, develop, and grow black-owned businesses. The magazine will provide black business owners with the opportunity to be at the forefront of Kansas City, casting aside the racism, discrimination, and redlining, which has previously impacted on their community inclusion, business success, and global exposure.

First launched back in 2003, Minority Success Magazine emerged at a time when Black People in Kansas City were building their business community from the ground up. Black business owners were faced with the barriers and challenges of no legal right to own some property, racism and discrimination, red-lining and anti-inclusion.

Born out of necessity, Minority Success Magazine gave Black and marginalized people in the Kansas City area their own lifestyle and business magazine; a platform, and a place to affordably develop, market and advertise their businesses. Hence their 20-year old slogan “Success is for everyone.”When Minority Success Magazine was first published, it received support from major corporate sponsors, such as The Carter Broadcasting Group (103.3FM), The Ewing Marion KauffmanFoundation, AT&T, GlaxoSmithKliein (GSK), Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin, Western Union, Pepsi Cola, The Kansas Speedway (NASCAR), SPRINT (now T-Mobile) and, most notably, over 500black business owners.

Minority Success Magazine, and its Executive Publisher, Kareem Jackson, were the recipients of multiple awards; the recipient of a US Resolution from former Kansas City Mayor Kaye Barnes, featured in Ingram’s Magazine receiving their Masterpiece Award, Black Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year, Philippines Golden Globe Award, and other awards.For a short time, the community believed that they finally had a “fair chance”; a REAL opportunity to excel in their dreams, and to grow their businesses. However, the opportunity to be included and visible in the mainstream business community was not realized and the “Money Issue” edition of Minority Success Magazine did not make it to print.

The Kansas City Star recently carried out an audit, which led to a published public apology to the city’s Black community (see The truth in Black and white: An apology from The Kansas City Star,20 December 2020). This audit recognized that the publishing and progress of Minority Success Magazine halted as a direct result of the same old redlining and racism, notably from local Icons with a history of demonizing blacks, and their endeavors, in Kansas City.

Whilst Minority Success Magazine has not been in print for nearly two decades, the businesses that were behind it have remained steadfast; despite a seemingly Jim Crow-style witch hunt,selective and fake news stories, and all that was thrown at them!In the following decades, the growth and development of black American-owned businesses began to rise across America, and around the world, leading the market and gaining sales and customers with their shops, bars, restaurants, and other businesses.But then, in late 2019, the COVID-19 Pandemic arrived, first deemed by the Trump Administration, as ‘fake news’, but ultimately impacting on businesses across the country, as lockdowns were implemented to stem the rise in cases.80% of the Black Kansas City community closed because of the pandemic. Many business owners didn’t know how to adapt, bounce back, pivot or re-brand because of systemic racism in Kansas City: there was not a ‘fair access to information’ nor resources, and no longer a centralized business community to support or guide them. There were no relatable community business platforms telling, or teaching them about the power of Outsourcing, Websites, APPs, Off-Shoring and Online Advertising.

Those business owners who left their hometown to try to build their business in other states, or overseas, to survive this latest set-back, found that it is not only possible but easily achievable to grow, develop and build a business from scratch. They found thriving and inclusive centralized business communities and platforms, sharing knowledge and expertise, to support each other; something that was missing in Kansas City.

From this Black Kansas City Magazine, has been re-birthed, with the majority of the original 500-strong Minority Success Magazine community behind it.

Black Kansas City Magazine will once again help, showcase, develop and grow all businesses in Kansas City that are Black-Owned, starting with the gift of free advertising to 500-1000 Black-Owned businesses in the form of The KC750+ Black Kansas City Lifestyle Directory and Kansas City 50 Black Women To Know.

There are also discounted sponsorship packages from The KC20 Advisory Board Sponsors, and Corporate Allies, to help our community bounce-back!

Black Kansas City Magazine is more than an in-print magazine and business directory. It will be available in digital format worldwide, and for free, at Google Play. It will also be available online, on the Black Kansas City Magazine website. Other Black Kansas City business development services available include graphic design, logo conceptualization, logo animation, promo banners, video advertisements, webpage development, website creation, content creation and all things social media!

Black Kansas City Magazine re-launches in-print Thanksgiving Day 2021, just in time for Black Friday Shopping, and the 2021 Bounce Back Holiday Season. However, the publishers will launch a sneak peek free digital version, worldwide in September 2021 as an online-focused boost for the 750+ local black-owned Kansas City businesses, and entrepreneurs.

The Black Kansas City Magazine Group has a goal to make Black Friday in Kansas City not just good but great for Black Kansas City businesses and entrepreneurs, leading to a prosperous 2022. The group has contacted organizations such as The KC Star to inquire about their plans to right the wrongs they have done to Black Kansas City. They also plan to debut, “Kareem Jackson’sBUY Black Kansas City Show” beginning with a conversation about The KC Star Apology, and showcasing local businesses, bands, and hot topics, leading up to their Thanksgiving Day Launch.

Contact: INFO@BlackKansasCityMag.com

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