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POAC Succeed Partners w/ DeLaSalle (PRESS RELEASE)

In pilot initiative, POAC partners with DeLaSalle in bringing Real-World Learning, internships to urban core students
Kansas City, Mo. — Local nonprofit People of All Colors Succeed (POAC) has partnered with charter school DeLaSalle to deliver its Real-World Learning programming to students in the urban core.
The pilot initiative will provide bi-weekly training and education sessions to prepare students for navigating the corporate world. Upon taking a skills assessment through national precision exam provider YouScience — and equipped with the learning and skills training from POAC — students will then be matched and staffed in internships tailored to their area of aptitude.
“We know for a fact, because it’s well-documented, that students from urban America are disadvantaged in receiving access and exposure to corporate jobs and training,” said DeLaSalle Executive Director Sean Stalling. “But that lack of access doesn’t equate to a lack of talent. Our core reason in implementing POAC’s programming is to ensure that we’re giving kids the skillsets and resources they need so they can provide for their families — and to ultimately end cycles of poverty.”
“Our vision for our partnership with DeLaSalle is to create a pipeline for students to obtain access and exposure, which leads to opportunities through our real-world learning program,” added POAC’s founder and CEO Jamie Grayson, who brings 20 years of corporate experience to his nonprofit training. “Our goal is to help train and keep our talent in Kansas City instead of losing talent to other cities, and that takes all of us.”
POAC’s Real-World Learning program provides education for students and business professionals in work experience, soft and hard skills, financial health and wellness, and technical training. In collaborating with local businesses, partners and school districts, POAC aims to endow students with higher emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills and technical education for the corporate world. POAC is funded through the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation as well as Blue KC.
The program also provides information to students on job opportunities and potential career pathways to better enable them to succeed professionally. POAC has additionally partnered in its programming with the Guadalupe Centers for the 2022-2023 school year.
“We’re looking for long-term sustainability in establishing this initiative,” Stalling said. “Through our partnership with POAC, we want DeLaSalle to be the place where access and exposure happen for young people in Kansas City.”
For more information on getting involved with POAC or sponsoring, contact Jamie Grayson at jamie@poacsucceed.com.

About POAC
Founded in 2019, People of All Colors Succeed (POAC)is a community partner and pillar for change in Kansas City. The organization works with schools and businesses to empower individuals to break the cycle of bullying and the unconscious biases that exist, and to encourage courageous conversations for change. Through understanding, open dialogue and inclusion, POAC builds healthier communities and a brighter future for our children. Learn more at poacsucceed.com.

JamieGrayson | Executive Director & Founder  People of All Colors Succeed (POAC)
JamieGrayson | Executive Director & Founder People of All Colors Succeed (POAC)

Real-World Learning

The Real-World Learning program runs in bi-weekly professional development sessions throughout the entire school year (August through May). The virtual or in-person sessions are broken up into six major units of focus: soft skills, business etiquette, job-seeking skills.”

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