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Empowering Our Future: Back-to-School Event Brings Hope and Resources to Kansas City’s Youth


Kansas City, MO — August 15, 2023

In a world where the challenges faced by our children are far too great, there shines a glimmer of hope.

The Earth and Illicit Gardens, local community champions, have once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the Kansas City community, particularly our cherished black youth who bear the weight of broken homes and unjust circumstances.

As the new school year approaches, the spotlight turns to these resilient children, many of whom face life’s obstacles without the guiding presence of their fathers due to unjust incarceration and drug-related charges, a significant portion of which revolve around the now-ironic issue of cannabis.

For foster families, equipping their children with school supplies often becomes a daunting financial burden.

The expense of a complete list of school essentials for a single child can soar above $70. However, a ray of sunshine broke through the clouds of adversity as The Earth and Illicit Gardens partnered with Jackson County CASA for a campaign that extended throughout the month of July.

Empowered by the support of their valued customers and dedicated staff, this initiative yielded a staggering 550+ individual donations, many containing multiple items, all contributing to over 40+ generous donation boxes meticulously placed across their 5 locations.

Witnessing the incredible success of this campaign, the highlight moment occurred on August 3rd at 11:00 AM.

The bustling activity at their Westside dispensary (2918 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108) buzzed with purpose as these benevolent forces loaded up their precious cargo of supplies, aiming to make a difference that day.

The destination: Jackson County CASA (2544 Holmes Street, Kansas City, Missouri), where the love, support, and dedication of a community came together in full bloom.

As we stand united in the wake of this heartwarming event, we invite you, our esteemed media partners, to join us in chronicling this inspiring endeavor that promises to bring smiles and dreams to the faces of our children.

The Earth and Illicit Gardens, in their unyielding pursuit of community support and upliftment, have proven once again that change begins with a shared commitment.

For those who missed the opportunity to contribute, or for those who are looking forward to future acts of benevolence, please reach out to them at dcraig@illicitgardens.com or call 913-485-8761.

About The Earth and Illicit Gardens: “From The Earth” is a Missouri-owned (USA) and operated dispensary group boasting 5 strategically located branches, serving the vibrant communities of Kansas City, Independence, and Raytown.

Illicit Gardens, a brand born from the very heart of Kansas City, has risen to prominence, capturing titles like Best Selling Cannabis Brand of 2021, Cannabis Brand of the Year in 2022, and numerous other accolades.

As fervent advocates of criminal justice reform, they remain steadfast in their call for the immediate release of non-violent cannabis prisoners.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Media Relations Illicit Gardens Phone: dcraig@illicitgardens.com or call 913-485-8761.



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