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THE KC STAR Apologizes For Their Racist Past. “THANK YOU KC STAR. Now, let’s get to work…”

First and foremost, ⭐KC STAR, I want to say that I accept your sincere and gracious apology. It means more than you can imagine for myself, and countless other black Kansascitian’s. It is a way to begin to surrender and forgive.

It’s an eye-opener to why so many blacks in KC have struggled and found it better to leave KC and gain our success outside of the city -and the country. Like many other victims, we thought that there was something wrong with “US” or our efforts.

Something “WE” were doing wrong. Something WE had done.

The investigation you conducted, coupled with the formal, public apology, nearly brought me to tears. I don’t blame The KC Star. -and, I now don’t blame myself either. It gave me new hope and has inspired me.

It has been the catalyst for the reboot of Minority Success.

In our organization alone, with over 500 black-owned businesses showcased (now 1,000+), the situation created a domino effect within our black KC community. Now, that apology, and more importantly, the reality that the KC Star has seen the light, and the error of their ways, has created a reverse domino effect.


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