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Official Endorsement: Henry Martin for U.S. House of Representatives District 6

Henry Martin

Dear Black Kansas City:

“We are tired of politics as usual. We still feel left out and alienated…and we need real bounce-back economy solutions -which help us all.”

–Black Missouri, America

We hereby endorse Henry Martin as the candidate for US Congress (MO). We are proud to have an Army and National Guard Veteran represent us in Washington, D.C. We are equally pleased that we align with the main goals and aims of Henry Martin: to step into community development and tackle healthcare reform, showcase racial equity and inclusion, advocate for true-democracy, restorative justice, as well as, unjust incarceration, and, let’s not forget, the legalization of marijuana.

Henry sees the great state of Missouri as the goldmine of opportunity, which we know that it is. Additionally, he has pledged to bring synergy, to be unbiased, and work on bipartisanship so that we can all grow.

Failure of government at many levels to enhance the lifestyles, ensure the social and economic conditions, are solely to be blamed for the low incomes, lack of entrepreneurial opportunities, and homelessness in Missouri. Each American has the right to secure basic human needs, and that includes health care, a livelihood, a safe, empowering, and permanent, affordable place to live. Lack of Representation is the issue. In the past, they have tried to include blacks, minorities, and working-class families, but have failed.

Whereas Henry Martin represents the change we want to see in Missouri. We have issued our endorsement as we believe Mr. Martin is the best and most qualified candidate for our community at large and can do what it takes to represent us. Specifically, we have declared 10-Fundamental Principles:

• One Missouri

• Democracy

• Healthcare For All (Including Vets)

• Justice

• Veteran Care

• Unjust Incarceration

• Social Justice

• Restorative Justice

• Skilled Trade Investment and

• Legalize Marijuana

“Missouri Matters. I am a guy that believes in the public face and private face…and the government needs to be careful when talking about personal rights.”

-Henry Martin

Together, we can turn Missouri around and enhance our quality of life. We look forward to making Mr. Martin our MO Congressman, 6th District so that we can all act on these principles.

“Together…let’s make it happen.” Sincerely, Kareem Jackson Publisher, Black Kansas City Magazine Want to know more about Henry Martin?

To Donate to the Campaign: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/in422

Visit: http://henrymartinforcongress.com

Watch the conversation between Henry Martin and Labor Front: https://www.facebook.com/glenn.j.kage/videos/1821773448032218

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