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Brian Cleary, CEO of Krucial Staffing Quits After Promoting Anti-Mask Group While Benefiting From Covid Victims Surge.

The Kansas City Star published a shocking story about Brian Cleary, the CEO of Krucial Staffing a company right here in Kansas, JOCO, which benefits from Covid victims and business has been booming! 

Brian Cleary is seemingly a supporter of Donald Trump’s rhetoric and this anti-masking/pro-choice for mask-wearing in schools organization.  His company, Krucial Staffing, has made millions off of the pandemic, one which as we know, affects black and brown people disproportionately.

Cleary, and his son, promote not wearing a mask; especially in schools, conducting Tuesday mask boycotts, all while he and his family directly benefit from Covid victims, and the exhausted national healthcare system –as they provide crisis staffing for hospitals around the United States. 

Nonetheless, Cleary has quit after being connected to this anti-mask group –founded by his son! 

Krucial Staffing, a sister company of Favorite Staffing, both in Kansas, USA.  You may remember Favorite Staffing, which has diversity and inclusion issues, and we wrote an open letter to them just last week, calling out their poor treatment of black Kansas City media.

Sad to hear that the former CEO of a healthcare company was double dipping; earning from both an anti-mask group, as well as, Covid victims.  Shame on him.

The story gets better…

Check out the full KC Star Article here:


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